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Eye-opening…” “A really good guide, not just to being a woman in medicine, but to being anyone in medicine, or really anyone in a very time-demanding profession.” — Julie Rovner, Chief Washington Correspondent, Kaiser Health News, 8/31/2023

To navigate this thing called life, you must have a Game Plan. The decision to enter into medicine is no different, but it can be even more challenging for women who choose a medical career path. Many people are able to figure out their Game Plan and execute it flawlessly, while others wander through life, coming up with a strategy as they go along. To successfully navigate the complexities of a medical education and career beyond college, medical school, and residency, you must be prepared to gain entrance into medical school; wisely choose a career path; choose, secure, and succeed in residency; and practice medicine while loving your life. This requires a focused Game Plan. You may wonder:

  • ● How do I set my Game Plan?
    ● What does success look like to me so I can determine my best Game Plan?
    ● What things should I consider in deciding on which medical school to attend?
    ● How do I get through medical school successfully?
    ● Should I do my residency at a different university?
    ● How do I choose a career?
    ● Will I be well compensated and make as much as male doctors?
    ● Will I be able to date?
    ● Will I get married?
    ● Can I be successful and have a family?
    ● Can I have it all and do it all?
    ● Will I be that Superwoman that I long to be?


Questions, questions, and more questions…so what are the answers and how do you figure them out along the way? The Game Plan: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor and Living a Life in Medicine is a 224-page book written by a team of five diverse women doctors who met at Georgetown University School of Medicine and have continued to stay in touch over the course of their lives and careers. Together, they serve as the mentors they craved during their learning periods, and offer the reader the kind of work/life guidance they felt was sorely lacking when they needed it most. Divided into five parts, each section of The Game Plan covers a different aspect of the work/life balance with insights from each of the five mentor doctors. The book will cover everything from deciding to become a doctor to applying to and surviving medical school — and life beyond.

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